Rinetta Klingers aesthetic language has been developed based on sensual and tactile materials. In her work, she generates motif landscapes which, through their closely stacked and interlocked components, on the one hand oscillate between micro and macro cosmos, and on the other, between order and chaos.

She earned a fashion design degree at the Design & Fashion Academy, Stuttgart, Germany. Followed by a three-year study and work stay in Tel Aviv, Israel. She studied Hebrew and Psychology at the University Tel Aviv, Israel. There she also founded her first Art Studio and opened the Showroom “Basel” for Fashion and Art. Then after a  work stay in Cologne, she moved to Berlin. 2010 to 2012 she was commissioned to do several art works for Hotel Papageno, Vienna, Austria. Rinetta Klinger is passionate about, and fully concentrates on her art. Many of her works have become part of international collections.

Rinetta Klinger was born in Šilutė, Lithuania, lives and works in Berlin.


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